October 29-31, 2015   |   Season 10   |   Online


Official Film Selections

'Til Death
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Produced by Christy Tostevin

0 Feet Away
Directed by Frank Clark
Produced by Frank Clark, Nyree Knox

14 Days
Directed by Joseph Villapaz
Produced by Joseph Villapaz

A Likeness In Stone
Directed by Kevin McGuiness
Produced by Kevin McGuiness

A Terrible Day for Jared
Directed by Dakota Laden
Produced by Dakota Laden, Cinemanic Productions

A Way Out
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Produced by Jason Tostevin

Alastair Tembylton
Directed by Samuel Horton
Produced by Samuel Horton, Elijah Schnitzler, Michael Horton, Sheila Horton

Awaiting Lazarus
Directed by Orok Duke
Produced by Marta Henqiquez, Domenico Della Vallo

Bachelor Games
Directed by Edward McGown
Produced by Georgina Edwards

Before The Dawn
Directed by Tin Leong Vong
Produced by Tin Leong Vong

Directed by Wesley Mellott
Produced by Wesley Mellott, Andrew Glessner, Paul Bauman, Susan Chang

Directed by Rory Pierce
Produced by Rory Pierce

Directed by VT Lithyouvong
Produced by VT Lithyouvong, Jay Agbuya

Cut! (¡Corte!)
Directed by Lorena Piazza
Produced by Leonardo Tlacuilo

Directed by Alex Torres
Produced by Alex Torres

Devil Makes Work
Directed by Guy Soulsby
Produced by Pete Ryan

Directed by Dan Horrigan
Produced by Foliage Films

Enough to be Dangerous
Directed by Alby Ravenswood
Produced by Sam Vanivray

Directed by Michael Yurinko
Produced by Brian Jaynes, Niko Foster, Jena Waldron, Michael Yurinko, Holt Boggs

Directed by Jimmie Wing
Produced by Chia-Lin Yeh

Falling Dreams
Directed by Tin Leong Vong
Produced by Ka Man Chan

Final Rehearsal
Directed by Lucca Bertollini
Produced by Lucca Bertollini

Haunted House
Directed by Sajid Rafiq
Produced by Sajid Rafiq

Directed by Christopher Abaya, Angelo Reyes
Produced by Angelo Reyes

Honky Holocaust
Directed by Paul M. McAlarney
Produced by Paul M. McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Thomas Delcarpio, Alex E. Edwards,
Krisoula Varoudakis, Lucas Fleming

Hyena's Blood
Directed by Nicolas Caicoya
Produced by Nicolas Caicoya, Barbara Manfredini, Vincelee Rivera

I Am Alone
Directed by Robert A. Palmer
Produced by Robert A. Palmer, Michael A. Weiss

I Didn't Come for Him (Non sono venuta per lui)
Directed by Giampaolo Cufino
Produced by Giampaolo Cufino

Directed by Siyi Chen
Produced by Weiyi Liu

Inner Demons
Directed by Eric Lauck
Produced by Eric Lauck

I've Always Been Here
Directed by M. Sean McManus
Produced by M. Sean McManus

Kitchen Brigade (Brigade de Cuisine)
Directed by Javier Arcelus Cano
Produced by Mariana López Rubio

Directed by Daniel Scarpati
Produced by Daniel Scarpati

La Méduse Rouge
Directed by Michael Wellenreiter
Produced by Michael Wellenreiter

Little Old Cat Lady from Rancho Cucamonga
Directed by Stephen James Thomas
Produced by Stephen J. Thomas, Joshan Smith

Living Hell - Prologue
Directed by Peter O'Brien
Produced by Peter O'Brien

Directed by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
Produced by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein

Mario & Netta Show
Directed by Daniele Lince
Produced by Daniele Lince, Roberto Tomeo, Fabio Fossati

Directed by Jim Higgins
Produced by Jim Higgins, Tony Bumgarner, Aimee Dutton, Frank Mareno

Out of the Basement
Directed by Benjamin Dewhurst
Produced by Emmanuel Carter, Adam Cassel

Directed by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Produced by Veronica Kegel-Giglio

Directed by Nathan Crooker
Produced by Nathan Crooker, Nick Snow, John Kennedy

Prelude to Axanar
Directed by Christian Gossett
Produced by Alec Peters

Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre
Directed by James Christopher
Produced by Lauren Shelton

Redbox Killer
Directed by Mark Demise
Produced by Mark Demise, Tim Shultz

Directed by Ryan Oliver
Produced by Ryan Oliver, Matt Falletta

Revenge of the Spacemen
Directed by Jay P. Summers
Produced by Jay P. Summers

Righteous Sin
Directed by Peter Sawka
Produced by Peter Sawka, Icrus Murphy, Nicholas Haraszty

Road Kill
Directed by Warren Williams
Produced by Jamie Klein

Directed by Matt Stuertz
Produced by Matt Stuertz

Sample Return
Directed by Chris Remerowski
Produced by Chris Remerowski

Directed by Joe Bandelli
Produced by Joe Bandelli, Matthew Wise

Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.
Directed by Hiro Kay, Kazuya Ogawa, Akira Hirose, Takeshi Sone
Produced by Takeshi Sone

Spirit from the Meadow
Directed by Joant Úbeda
Produced by Abhilash Chandra

Summer Is Gone
Directed by Im Fong Leong
Produced by Tin Leong Vong

Territorial Behavior
Directed by Peter Bergin
Produced by Peter Bergin, Malcolm Deega

Directed by Hsin-Yen Lu
Produced by Hsin-Yen Lu, Rina Tsou

The Autumn of ZAO
Directed by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse
Produced by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, Mélanie Couraud, José Monplet, François-Xavier Marchi,
Matthieu Choquette, Pierre-Claude Gaumerd

The Barber's Cut
Directed by Mark Brocking
Produced by Mark Brocking, Caitlin Moore

The Car
Directed by Sacha Boxell
Produced by Natasha Poppy Solari

The Dead Man's Number
Directed by Jackson Hill
Produced by Byron LeBlanc

The Endless Whispers Cycle
Directed by Michael Babbitt
Produced by Krista Babbitt

The Eve
Directed by Luca Machnich
Produced by Luca Machnich

The Intruder
Directed by Scott J. Simpson
Produced by Patrick McGowan, Scott J. Simpson

The Peripheral
Directed by JT Seaton
Produced by Kris Brown

The Prayer
Directed by Rory Pierce
Produced by Rory Pierce, Ryan Pierson

The Red Man
Directed by Jimmie Gonzalez
Produced by John Acquaviva

The Sky Has Fallen
Directed by Doug Roos
Produced by Doug Roos

Trail of Blood on the Trail
Directed by Kate Lavin
Produced by Jeremy Friedrich, Kate Lavin

Trail of Spirits (Trailer)
Directed by Zack Eatmon-Ponciano
Produced by Andrew Bever

Wet Nurse Trilogy
Directed by Phil Showzen
Produced by Phil Showzen

Yo Soy Pedro
Directed by Inconstant Jordan
Produced by Inconstant Jordan

Official Screenplay Finalists

24-Hour Doorman
Screenplay Written by Gregory Wolk

Screenplay Written by Steven Canfield Crowley

Cajun Justice
Screenplay Written by Mike Briock

Screenplay Written by Peter O'Brien

Daughters of Darkness
Screenplay Written by Niq Wittig

Dead Bloodline
Screenplay Written by Gregory Wolk

Hell on Neptune
Screenplay Written by Robert J. Rogers

Hell's Playground
Screenplay Written by Gregory Wolk

Screenplay Written by Mike Briock

Screenplay Written by Sydney Lloyd Smith

Killer Be Killed
Screenplay Written by F. Aaron Franklin

Let It Bleed
Screenplay Written by Scott Selden

Love Dies
Screenplay Written by Veronica Kegel-Giglio

Love in the Time of Zombies
Screenplay Written by D.P. Swanson

Moonlit Road
Screenplay Written by Diana Woody

Screenplay Written by Michael Panek

Possessed by a Shadow
Screenplay Written by Ron Williams

Screenplay Written by Frank Mario Quaglia, David Evan Watson

Rat Trap
Screenplay Written by D.P. Swanson

Seeing Red
Screenplay Written by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

The Dead S.I.T.E.
Screenplay Written by Gregory Wolk

The Finicky Cat
Screenplay Written by Garin Pirnia

The Human Zombie
Screenplay Written by Jermaine D. Battle

The New Dark Ages
Screenplay Written by Gregory P. Wolk

The Tunnels
Screenplay Written by John Eric Muzii

Screenplay Written by Stuart Creque