Season 12 | October 2017  



CALL FOR ENTRIES has CLOSED for the Season

(Entries must be POSTMARKED by the dates below)


Mar 01 to Apr 07   Earlybird Deadline
Apr 08 to May 31  Regular Deadline
Jun 01 to Jul 15    Late Deadline

Jul 16 to Aug 07   Hospitality Deadline
Aug 08 to Aug 14  Artist Appreciation Deadline
Aug 15 to Aug 21  Extended Deadline


All short films must be 01 - 59 minutes (including credits).
All feature films must be 60 - 180 minutes (including credits).

All short screenplays must be 01 - 59 pages of the actual script story.
All feature screenplays must be 60 - unlimited pages of the actual script story.



~ BE A SAVVY FILMMAKER. Copyright your raw footage with the Library of Congress to protect it, BEFORE you send out your film.

~ BE A SAVVY SCREENWRITER. Copyright your script with the Library of Congress to protect the content, and also register it with the Writer's Guild to protect the idea as much as possible, BEFORE you send out your script.

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HORROR Centered upon or depicting terrifying or macabre events, intense and profound fear, or frightfully shocking and terrifying scenarios. Zombies, monsters, vampires, ghosts, chainsaws, scary, horromedy, blood, guts, gore, etc.

FANTASYExtravagant and unrestrained imagination that forms wonderous or strange fancies, unreal and fantastic, unrestricted by reality. Wizards, faeries, witches, mythology, spells, mysticism, lore, superheroes, etc.

SCIENCE FICTIONImaginatively based scenes involving scientific knowledge or speculation, or the imagined impact of science on society. Space, experiments, galactic, continuums, robots, cybernetics, futuristic, etc.

THRILLERExcitement and manifestation that produces keen sensory emotional response and riveting suspense. Twists, noir, spy, mystery, etc.

DARK DRAMADark situations involving conflicting or contrasting dark characters and scenarios. Dark psyche, powerful, psychological, twisted, experimental, extraordinary, mind-bending, DARK, etc.