October 20-23, 2016 | Season 11

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Directed by Eric Salberg
Produced by Gregory Mazzola
A rapper named "Emonsta" meets the fan girl of his dreams at a backyard hip-hop party only to find out she is his biggest nightmare.
Horror, 10 mins, California, USA

(Little) Red Riding Hood
Directed by Stephane Guenin
Produced by EuroPacific Films LLC, FMR Productions
Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. As she was going to visit her grandmother who was hill, dawdling along in the woods... What happened next? Nothing you've ever heard before...
Fantasy, 5 mins, Paris, France

A Menacing Proposal
Directed by Diana Lee Woody
Produced by Diana Lee Woody, L.J. Rivera
When Maggie tells Connor they need to talk, Connor assumes she is going to break up with him. So he and his best friend Jack devise a hare brained and disastrous scheme to get her to change her mind.
Horror, 13 mins, California, USA

Aaron's Blood
Directed by Tommy Stovall
Produced by Tommy Stovall, Marc Sterling
Single father Aaron fights to save his 12-year-old hemophiliac son after becoming infected with vampire blood. Starring James Martinez (Breaking Bad, Side Effects), Michael Chieffo (L.A. Confidential, Argo), Farah White (Miss Congeniality, Hate Crime), Trevor Stovall (Sedona).
Dark Drama, 82 mins, Arizona, USA

Directed by Jacob Nizzola
Produced by Jacob Nizzola, Tom van den Broek
In a dark, dilapidated apartment suppressed door latches and muffled conversations bring a figure scuffling out from the shadows. It leers through peepholes out onto a world of beauty and despair. Obsessive lust over a female neighbour boils up to jealousy and rage when the voyeuristic relationship becomes a ménage à trois.
Horror, 11 mins, United Kingdom

Directed by Lingfei Zhao
Produced by Lingfei Zhao
Thriller, 06 mins, USA

Directed by David P. Sanudo
Produced by David P. Sanudo
Xabier (Gorka Otxoa) goes for a job interview. What he doesn't know is that he has already been selected. CORPSA offers to pay him 90,000 if he agrees to be cloned. But more than just a lot of money depends on his decision. Still, Xabier isn't sure. What if runs into someone identical to himself one day? Who can reassure him he won't be replaced?
Thriller, 19 mins, Bilbao, Spain

Awakening (Excitatio)
Directed by Rolf Lindblom
Produced by Rolf Lindblom
To provide a lifestyle his wife and son deserve, Jake takes on a lot of pressure at his job as a real estate agent. But can he handle it all? As things start to pile up, he seeks guidance from a psychiatrist. Per his doctors orders, Jake takes a few days at one of his listings, a remote summerhouse, to work on his self-suggestion. All goes well until Jake senses something disturbing. Something within him or something else? He decides to ignore the piles of work staring at him from his make-up desk and continues with the exercise. During his self-suggestion, Jake has disturbing visions and is not sure what to do. The visions intrigue him, and with his doctor encouraging him to take control over his thoughts, Jake dives deeper. The only problem is -- neither the doctor or Jake has any idea what is lurking in the depths of a well-intentioned mind.
Thriller, 11 mins, Parainen, Finland

Directed by Geoffrey Crété
Produced by Geoffrey Crété
Yohann Kelly was born with a handicap and a mysterious symbol on his retina. He lives in a strange city and is searching for a meaning to life, trying to understand these anomalies. His life begins to unravel when mankind discovers an extraterrestrial form of life that looks exactly like the symbol in his eye ...
Science Fiction, 47 mins, France

Baobhan Sith
Directed by David Hutchison
Produced by David Hutchison, Lindsay McGee
A filmmaker and her daughter are coerced by an island laird into removing a family curse. Starring Janet De Vigne (Slumdog Millionaire).
Horror, 82 mins, Scotland

Behind The Cake
Directed by Sasha Buljovcic
Produced by Sasha Buljovcic
When the sinister gamers of creative cruelty start wearing their masks, a mysterious man becomes involved in the silent mission of conspiracy, sabotage, and deadly path. Everything that seems cozy, polite, colorful and safe on the surface becomes the worst nightmare when its unwrapped.
Horror, 39 mins, Florida, USA

Blue on Pink
Directed by Tan Jimreivat
Produced by Tan Jimreivat
After breaking her leg, a young woman spends all her time at home. She kills time by exchanging texts with a mysterious number. As time progresses, she becomes suspicious of her own safety.
Thriller, 30 mins, USA

Blurred Vision
Directed by Michael Giannantonio
Produced by Michael Giannantonio, Kenzie Mastroe, Boualem Hassaine
Copycat killer "ZCD" is busy "dismembering" his latest victim in the style of his idol, the notorious KM Butcher. ZCD soon finds his "session" interrupted by a surprise visit from Detective Jones, who delivers some disturbing news about the KM Butcher. ZCD soon finds himself taking drastic, and unthinkable, measures as fate deals him a serious twist....
Horror, 8 mins, Arizona, USA

Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea
Directed by Abby Winter
Produced by Laura Peterson
A group of office workers have to participate in a team building event so their manager can check it off his list of goals for the year and impress his boss. The night is predictably unpleasant and tedious until the group ends up at a haunted house and the night goes from annoying to did-you-just-come-at-me-with-a-knife-after-I-almost-held-the-door-for-you?
Horror, 88 mins, USA

Bristel Goodman
Directed by Dan Harnden
Produced by Dan Harnden, Richard Ramsdell
A traumatized Iraq War veteran meets the girl of his dreams in an Internet chat room. Through a series of webcam exchanges their relationship grows... until the night he witnesses her murder online.
Horror, 79 mins, USA

Case Anna Mancini
Directed by Diego
Produced by Diego Carli Movie Art Pro, Tempraproduction
"Case Anna Mancini" is a psychological horror movie with the Found-Footage technique. A documentary that tells the story of a journalist and his cameraman who investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young girl.
Horror, 72 mins, Italy

Cauchemar capitonné
Directed by Jean-Claude Leblanc
Produced by Jean-Claude Leblanc
When J.-F. is inexplicably drawn to the chair in which a man committed suicide, style isn't the only thing the leather antique brings to his home. Suddenly overcome by fantasies both nightmarish and erotic, he gets rid of the chair immediately, only to have it claimed by his friend Aly, who soon finds herself spellbound by shocking visions of her own violent death. As the horror escalates, it's up to J.-F. to save his friend before she is driven to a very gruesome fate.
Horror, 10 mins, Quebec, Canada

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

Directed by David E. Munz-Maire
Produced by David E. Munz-Maire, Rob Eletto, Jayesh Hariharan, Carlos Valdivia
"Chateau Sauvignon: terroir" follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father's callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, and his missteps puts his family's secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed. Stars Sean Weil (Boardwalk Empire, Everybody Wins); Anthony del Negro (Deep In the Darkness, Slink); and, Nancy Nagrant (House of Cards, Delivery Man).
Horror, 14 mins, New York, USA

Creatures of Whitechapel
Directed by Jonathan Martin
Produced by Rebecca Martin,
Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London, searching for the perfect victims to help bring her master's, Dr. Frankenstein, Creation to life. However, rumors of Frankenstein's nighttime activities are brewing, and Jack, revealed to be Igor, is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring his Creation to life. But what is life without love? Starring Carlee Baker (The Woman, Robot Chicken, Wicked Lake) and Rick Macy (An Evening with My Comatose Mother, Kiss the Devil in the Dark).
Horror, 25 mins, Utah, USA

Cruel Pardón (Cruel Forgiveness)
Directed by Fabio Colonna
Produced by Claudia Anguiano, Regina F. Guizar, Fabio De la Peña, Fabio Colonna
Diego lived with her mother and aunt in a gothic mansion in Mexico. One day he founds her dead mother in the bathtub, apparently it was a suicide. Her aunt starts to take care of him, and mysteriously Diego starts getting sick. The ghost of her dead mother starts hunting him to let him know the truth about her death, and to warn him that his life is in danger.
Fantasy, 14 mins, Mexico City, Mexico

Crying Wolf
Directed by Sandor Tokodi
Produced by Sandor Tokodi, Annamaria Tanai
Unknown suspects kidnapped the billionaire Qasim Al-Thani's only son, and they are demanding a hundred million pounds of ransom money. Al-Thani refuses to negotiate with the terrorists and to avoid any media attention, he hires private operatives for a rescue mission. An inside man at the MI5 gets hold of the hostage whereabouts, who is located in a small village at Herefordshire county. The assembled mercenaries make their way to the countryside, but after arriving to the abandoned mansion, they realise that this textbook mission, might cost them their lives...
Horror, 19 mins, England, United Kingdom

Directed by Lorenzo Ayuso
Produced by AMANIA FILMS S.L.U.
Klaus, a failed actor, shows up at midnight at the house of his old pal Genio, another actor whose career as a TV star is way more successful than his friend's. Klaus has something crucial to tell him: he has had a premonition.
Drama, 12 mins, Madrid, Spain

Dead Sunrise
Directed by Michal Imielski
Produced by SHH, Mehow Magic, Michal Imielski
Dead Sunrise is a gory, twisted Zombie film, where little flesh eating child ZOMBIES change the lives of five travelers... forever!
Horror, 83 mins, North Parramatta, Australia

Death Walks
Directed by Spencer Hawken
Produced by Lucinda Rhodes
In 2013, Spencer Hawken decided that it was a possibility to create a completely Zero Budget movie, that did not have to come across as cheap, simply by asking people favours and by using a passion for film. Over 500 local people from Romford, Essex and the surrounding areas volunteered their time. This included actresses Francesca Ciardi (Cannibal Holocaust), Jessie Williams (Tracy Beaker/The Dumping Ground), Lucinda Rhodes (Dead Cert), Kaylee Pleasance (The Inbetweeners) and actor Jordan Grehs (Lake Placid 3). All of whom gave their time for free to help Hawken prove his point. During the making of the film, we received over 1.8 Million pounds of coverage in PR value.
Horror, 82 mins, Essex, United Kingdom

Desde tu Infierno (From Your Hell)
Directed by Alexis Pérez Montero
Produced by Ulises Puga Valenzuela
Mexico 1928. Santiago lives with his mother Alejandra and his stepfather Arturo. The apparent peace in which they live in is interrupted by the presence of some madness that only Santiago feels. David, Alejandra's husband, who dissapeard and believed he was dead, seems that he has comeback and won't stop until his revenge is consumated. In a space where the living and the ghosts are mix and the most frightful can be hidden in the place you will never look for. Would you play again?
Horror, 90 mins, Jardines del Pedregal, México

Devil's Work
Directed by John Rodas
Produced by John Rodas, Frank Quaglia, Peter A Stefan, David E Watson, Johnny Wowk
A psychotic man with mysterious powers chases after his ex-wife who no longer loves him. His twisted fantasy of rekindling their romance haunts him right into his grave. But death cannot prevent his nightmarish transformation into a supernatural being bent on revenge.
Horror, 13 mins, Massachusetts, USA

Dry Blood
Directed by Kelton Jones
Produced by Clint Carney, Kelton Jones, Graham Ehlers Sheldon, Suzan Jones
Brian Barnes escapes to a remote cabin to sober up one final time. His plans are soon interrupted by the torments of a sadistic Sheriff and ghastly visions of ghosts. While pulling at the threads to this horrific mystery, it may be Brian's sanity that unravels first.
Horror, 85 mins, California, USA

Evil's Evil Cousin
Directed by Richard Hunter
Produced by Prudence Beecroft
During Pastor Bob's service one of the congregation takes a turn for the worse, inadvertently birthing himself out of himself; resulting in the arrival of his evil twin - "Evil Terry". Pastor Bob takes this as a sign from God, a test, a renewal of his lacking belief - perhaps - perhaps not. Food fights, trouser removal and shotgun exorcisms ensure and like all good things, the story ends in a sing song.
Horror, 30 mins, United Kingdom

Directed by Cyrus Neshvad
Produced by Cyrus Neshvad
Sebastian, who can’t forgive his son being in the coma, begins to see him appearing strangely to him.
Horror, 15 mins, Luxembourg

Gargalesis - The Tickle Killer
Directed by Sascha Loffl
Produced by Sascha Loffl
What does a "killer" actually do? Well, as the name suggests: "killekille" (german for "to tickle"). This gentleman definitely lives up to his name... "GARGALESIS - The KilleKiller" is a funny film noir style fake trailer.
Thriller, 2 mins, Germany

Gehenna - Where Death Lives
Directed by Hiroshi Katagiri
Produced by Koodae Kim
A resort company dispatches key personnel to the remote and pristine Pacific Island of Saipan to search for locations for their company's new luxury resort. They find curious natives and strange dolls and what they think is the perfect spot for the resort. But there is a cave on that perfect spot that turns out to be a hidden Japanese bunker from WW2. They enter, and soon find out that curiosity can kill. Each member of the team faces their most private secrets and inner demons. The secrets of the bunker itself become known and this results in a most shocking conclusion. Starring Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Hard Target, Near Dark), Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's labyrinth, Crimson Peak), Simon Phillips (Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan, The Last Scout).
Horror, 107 mins, California, USA

Directed by Tyna Ezenma
Produced by Tyna Ezenma
Years after his last bestseller, washed-up novelist Wesley Crane scores a new success: a masterpiece, ghostwritten by Satan, himself. The price, for Wesley's recovered glory? His heart, and soul. Plus, an extended contract, as Lucifer's GhostWriter in residence. Wesley's first job centres on aspiring mystery novelist Isabelle Langdon - who would give her right arm to be able to write, as well as, her idol, Wesley Crane.
Horror, 8 mins, California, USA

Green Lake
Directed by Derek Frey
Produced by Derek Frey
-Industry hasn't destroyed all of the sacred spaces in the world. In Hawai'i pockets of magic still exist. And so do those that protect them. GREEN LAKE draws inspiration not only from the beauty and mysticism of Hawai'i, but also from B-Horror/Monster movies, The Twilight Zone and The X-Files. It's a micro-budget Creature from the Black Lagoon meets Picnic at Hanging Rock, shot entirely in remote areas on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Produced by Derek Frey (Big Eyes, Frankenweenie, Alice in Wonderland, The Ballad of Sandeep, Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride).
Horror, 36 mins, California, USA

Directed by Chad Sersen
Produced by Chad Sersen
An aspiring filmmaker is terrorized by a sinister presence after mistakenly inviting it into her home.
Horror, 07 mins, Texas, USA

Happy Birthday Suzie
Directed by Darren Hutchings
Produced by Darren Hutchings
A 12 year old's Birthday Party goes horribly, horribly wrong.
Horror, 3 mins, Ontario, Canada

Directed by Stefano Pivelli, Alberto Ruga
Produced by Manuel Neil Bo, Stefano Pivelli
The police found a mysterious DVD next to a corpse, it might try to solve a dramatic case of cannibalism that is rooted in one of the darkest pages in the history of mankind.
Horror, 90 mins, Turin, Italy

Hunters For Metal
Directed by Sergiy Pudich
Produced by Anton Reznichenko, Sergiy Pudich
Two guys in search of metal in the forest and stumble upon an old spooky house, where they think they can find something worthwhile, but it turns out they are not alone...
Horror, 6 mins, Kyev, Ukraine

Directed by Scott Powers
Produced by Larena Reyna, Frank Dal Bello, Mikel Mansour
As George investigates his roommate's increasingly disturbing nocturnal behavior, he suspects that his friend has become possessed by a dark entity.
Thriller, 80 mins, California, USA

Directed by Cynthia Morrison
Produced by Cynthia Morrison
Presentation on the facts of "Jack the Ripper" unsolved legal case.
Horror, 60 mins, Florida, USA

Directed by Emeline Castaneda
Produced by Emeline Castaneda
When, on his way back home, a man stops at a motorway service area, he did not imagine that by talking to his urinal's neighbor, it will trigger some terrible events. POSSIBILIDAD DE TENER SUBTITULOS EN ESPAGNOL.
Horror, 6 mins, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

Kick Paddle, Kick Paddle
Directed by Kyle Klubal
Produced by Kyle Klubal, Nicole Natal
When a group of teens decide to throw a surprise birthday party for their friend Gabe, they encounter much more than they bargained for in this crazy Grindhouse tale which involves serial killers, hit men and superheroes, as everyone tries to make it out in one piece.
Horror, 25 mins, USA

Krzml by sinus force
Directed by Sascha Loffl
Produced by Sascha Loffl
This music video is a film noir style interpretation of the song "Krzml" by German electronic music producer "sinus force". What is special about this production is the fact that sinus force was neither involved in the development of the script nor in the production. So, at the premiere, Krzml's producer saw the music video for his song for the first time along with the audience. He was very pleased with the result.
Thriller, 6 mins, Germany

La Casa De Los Opas (The Opas House)
Directed by Mariano Rosa
Produced by Mariano Rosa
Young Ana arrives at a Mansion in the outskirts of town, to work as a maid. As the days pass, Ana discovers a deep dark secret of the very important family she works for. They keep people locked up in a hidden house in the forest, living in sub-human conditions.
Horror, 120 mins, Argentina

La Hora de los Sueños (The Hour of Dreams)
Directed by Rodrigo Orozco
Produced by Estudio Rodrigo Orozco
Leonor lives for her painting and through her art, she creates imaginary worlds. However, she is sick because she cannot create anymore. She awaits the hour of dreams, the hour where everything will be solved...
Animation, 13 mins, Mexico

Last Night
Directed by Will Phillips
Produced by Max Nadsady
Three friends break the rules on Halloween night.
Horror, 15 mins, California, USA

Legend of Dark Rider
Directed by Titus Paar
Produced by Titus Paar
A story that has lasted for generations, about the Dark Rider. A beast none has survived, a monster, not human. We filmed it in an actual Swedish Viking village in the middle of a snowstorm. It's like Game of Thrones meets Conan with a touch of Hellraiser, Tarantino and John Carpenter. Sounds like something you haven't seen before? That's the point.
Fantasy, 90 mins, Sweden

Directed by Ryan Paturzo-Polson
Produced by Sarah Pass
On a fishing trip with his parents, young Charlie reels in a black boot from the grimy depth of the sea. Soon after, a strange figure lurking in the shadows attempts to lay its hands on something that will tear the family apart.
Horror, 17 mins, Victoria, Australia

Directed by Joshua Reale
Produced by Joshua Reale, Geoff Orlowski
A mentally deranged maniac awakens after death unaware of his condition or the undead world around him, seeking to fulfill continuous addiction and vengeful murder.
Horror, 30 mins, New York, USA

Night of Something Strange
Directed by Jonathan Straiton
Produced by Ron Bonk
Teenage friends out for Spring Break get unexpectedly detoured to an isolated motel where a deadly STD virus now runs rampant, turning those infected into the living dead.
Horror, 97 mins, Virginia, USA

O Christmas Tree
Directed by Greg Kovacs
Produced by Nathan Hawkins, Stephanie Christiaens, Darren Hutchings
Carolers out to spread Christmas cheer get more than they bargained for at Mabel's house.
Horror, 14 mins, Ontario, Canada

Directed by Frederic Garçon
Produced by Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound
A young woman awaits the outcome of a surgical procedure, performed in an attempt to make her look "normal".
Horror, 9 mins, Belgium

Directed by Alexandre Laugier
Produced by Alexandre Laugier
Jonathan Lacombe, age twelve, sleeps soundly when at 3:33 am of the morning he is woken by a deaf noise and a blinding light invading his house. In the floor of underneath, the shouts of his parents frighten him. He hurries to lower to join them, but once in their chamber and that everything became again quiet, his parents disappeared without leaving of track. Twenty years later we find Jonathan who lives a life of the most normal. Julia, her girlfriend for three years is a nurse's aide in rest home for elderly. One evening when they find themselves to the restaurant to celebrate their three years together, everything is going to change and the ghosts of the past will resurface?
Dark Drama, 20 mins, Marseille, France

Once Upon a Blood Moon
Directed by Robert C. Eaton
Produced by Yu Ying Chien
Jessica returns home from class, only to discover that her one-night stand, Valyrie, is still in her apartment. Jessica tries to kick Valyrie out before her parents' arrival, but Valyrie won't leave. She has feelings for Jessica and moreover she is a vampire.
Horror, 5 mins, Ontario, Canada

One By One
Directed by Stefan Ruf
Produced by Stefan Ruf, Neus Saez
A woman takes revenge on a gang of three biker-bandits who raped her and killed her husband.
Thriller, 71 mins, Stuttgart, Germany

Directed by Dilshan Herath
Produced by Luis Castillo
A simple date night turns horrific when Ethan's girlfriend becomes a horror film's victim. Given one chance, Ethan goes into the movie to save her from a demented psychopath before the film ends.
Horror, 15 mins, California, USA

Directed by Jake Hammond
Produced by Paula Andrea Gonzalez
When cheerleader Laurie accepts a date from the dreamy quarterback, a grisly manifestation of her own bodily insecurities pushes her into a self-destructive nightmare.
Horror, 14 mins, Florida, USA

Press Play
Directed by Brayden DeMorest-Purdy
Produced by Stephen Tyler Fisher
Following the death of his mother, Charlie Morrison returns to his hometown to help his broken and distant father move out of the home he grew up in. As Charlie is packing up memories from his past, he stumbles upon a collection of old cassette tapes; each one with a different woman's name. After Charlie decides to listen to the tapes, he is filled with an unexpected fear about who is father truly is.
Dark Drama, 18 mins, British Columbia, Canada

Red Velvet
Directed by Valerio Mazzarella
Produced by Konstantin Frolov
A recovering ambiguously addicted couple, Eric and Rebecca, struggle to adapt and live a normal married life. A mundane dinner party with neighbors causes their dark past to reveal itself.
Horror, 12 mins, California, USA

Directed by David González Almanza
Produced by Fat Bird Producciónes
Carlos and Sara are a normal couple heading to a party, but it hides a secret that will cause an unforeseen event to you. A year later after a long day of work, Carlos back home and you will receive an unexpected visit that will change you for the rest of your life.
Horror, 20 mins, Madrid, Spain

Save Yourself
Directed by Ryan M. Andrews
Produced by Allen Ormerod, Pino Halili, Chris Cull
Five female filmmakers en route to screen their new horror film in Los Angeles, experience their own real life terror when they cross paths with deranged scientist hellbent on using them for his twisted experiments.
Thriller, 91 mins, Ontario, Canada

Shuriken Buzz
Directed by Yu Takano
Produced by Yu Takano
Witness the birth of "Ninja Horror" and experience the fear of Americans visiting a mysterious village as they begin to be attacked by Ninjas. American researchers studying Ninjas begin being murdered by the very Ninjas that they are researching! What is the fate of the men, after they enter the traditional Japanese village with their digital gadgets? And what is the shocking true identity of the Ninjas?! Experience a whole new level of entertainment that will make you scream, laugh and enjoy its exotic nature.
Horror, 64 mins, Tokyo, Japan

Directed by Deloris
Produced by Collet Collins, Harpal Deol
It's after her Skin... As Leela's eighteenth birthday approaches the very power that grows wild and strong inside of her is exactly what attracts the most malevolent of creatures...the Cicada. With only her grandparents to guide her can Leela survive an evil that has already killed both her parents.
Fantasy, 15 mins, London, United Kingdom

Directed by Mark J. Parker
Produced by Mark J. Parker, Greg Clements
Four college students reunite on a summer night at a house in the woods. As they tell scary stories around the campfire, the line between imagination and reality blurs, and they get the feeling they may not be alone on the property.
Thriller, 18 mins, New York, USA

Directed by Oliver Park
Produced by Oliver Park
A woman is plagued by a masked, statuesque figure that never moves.
Horror, 8 mins, United Kingdom

Directed by Joseph Villapaz
Produced by Joseph Villapaz
An unexpected turn of events occurs during an interview with a famous film director.
Science Fiction, 13 mins, New York, USA

Ted and Brenda
Directed by Todd Redenius
Produced by Todd Redenius
In this Comedy/Horror short, Ted and Brenda seem like your average everyday couple, but something is off. One of them has an unusual hobby that will cause a drastic change in their relationship.
Horror, 6 mins, Washington, USA

The Audition
Directed by Neil Schell
Produced by Mandy Magnan, Gigi Inara
A young Film Maker, Amanda Morgan, is holding auditions for her next film. But, when 1 Actor arrives, things don't quite go as planned.
Thriller, 16 mins, Ontario, Canada

The Beast
Directed by Ridge Mallery
Produced by Mitch Underhill
A haunted camping trip and the investigation of an inexplicable double murder may share a frightening connection to an ancient legend.
Thriller, 78 mins, Montana, USA

The Clearing

Directed by Jim Higgins
Produced by Jim Higgins, Jeff Potts, Alucia Potts
Two siblings attempt to perform a family ritual of feeding an ancient creature.
Horror, 10 mins, Ohio, USA

The Dark Tapes
Directed by Michael McQuown
Produced by Michael McQuown
A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent, original anthology. The movie stars an up and coming ensemble group of actors such as Brittany Underwood (TV star of Hollywood Heights; One Life To Live; Youthful Daze), Cortney Palm (Sushi Girl; Zombeavers) and Emilia Ares Zoryan (Amazon's Bosch: Season 2). Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity. Could the supernatural exist in our everyday lives and have a plausible, scientific basis? The Dark Tapes explores this and more with surprising, sometimes shocking results that will leave you questioning what could be real.
Horror, 95 mins, Florida, USA

The Dweller on the Threshold
Directed by M. Sean McManus
Produced by Mary E. Brickthrower
Hammered and wandering the forgotten streets of Philadelphia, Ivy encounters a dark stranger and her life is transformed forever as mythology and reality collide. In pursuit of the source of Edgar Poe's inspiration, Ivy encounters a Dark Stranger, who leads her to a mystical source of power in forgotten recess of Philadelphia. There she discovers the terrible truth. Blending myth and magic, The Dweller on the Threshold draws inspiration from real life experiences of the filmmakers, as well as, references the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Lynch, Frost, Starlin, Wrightson, Wray, and Hammurabi King of Babylon. Stars Corey Sosner (Punisher: First Round) and Melissa O'Donnell (A Woman Full of Trouble).
Fantasy, 15 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

The Tooth Fairy
Directed by Tom Turner
Produced by Tom Turner, Rebecca Harris
After her daughter's tooth falls out, nothing can prepare a mother for the chilling night she has ahead where she'll discover just how real some legends are.
Horror, 10 mins, United Kingdom

The Tunnel Over The Dark
Directed by Dario Almerighi
Produced by Susanna Ferrari, Dario Almerighi
A night in the life of a man who has become the nightmare of other people...
Horror, 19 mins, Rome, Italy

The Ultra
Directed by Matthew Johnson
Produced by Matthew Johnson, Sebastian Kirchoff
The Ultra, is a about a man named "Douglas" who is wondering alone in the woods, delusional and aimlessly, he is experiencing hallucinations, than runs into a tree to only make things much worse. He wakes up a bloody mess and his insanity gets out of hand as you unravel the insight, to why he has completely lost his mind.
Dark Drama, 13 mins, Michigan, USA

The Ungovernable Force
Directed by Paul McAlarney
Produced by Paul M. McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Alex E. Edwards, Dave Sullivan
With an all-star cast of horror, b-horror, and punk icons, The Ungovernable Force brings you to a world of sex, violence, punk, and schlock and doesn't let you leave! Starring Tony Moran (Michael Myers, Halloween (1978), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment co-founder; Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet, etc.), Debbie Rochon (Scream Queen of the Decade (1990 - 1999); Ness, "Tromeo and Juliet" (1996), Apache Ramos (The Warriors (1979), Bill Weeden (Sgt Kabukiman, NYPD (1990), Steve Ignorant (CRASS - legendary uk punk band), Steve Lake (Zounds - legendary uk punk band), Thomas Mensforth (Angelic Upstarts - legendary uk punk band), Nick Cash (999 - legendary uk punk band), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet - legendary uk punk band).
Horror, 101 mins, Massachusetts, USA

The White Lady
Directed by Bryan Corteen
Produced by Bryan Corteen
A young couple spending a romantic evening camping beneath the stars, have just become engaged. Following their retreat to the tent they are taunted by a mysterious presence.
Horror, 11 mins, Lancashire, United Kingdom

They Are Mine!
Directed by Michael James Hull
Produced by Michael James Hull
Michael, who is known to tell tall tales, believes he sees a young girl get kidnapped. On their day off from high school, Michael convinces his friends to hunt down this perpetrator, leading them on a journey they'll never forget.
Horror, 61 mins, Massachusetts, USA

Tokyo Sally
Directed by Kal Toth
Produced by Kal Toth
Dahlia works the midnight shift at Tokyo Sally's when her night begins to unravel in unexpected ways. An homage to the Twilight Zone and movies that go bump in the night, Tokyo Sally is Kal's popcorn-noir thriller featuring Anna Adams (Sex In The City 2) and Michael Ian Farrell (Gourmet Detective 2). Owen Shaw describes the film as having a "phantasmagorical quality in its storytelling and disorienting visuals... it reinvents a common theme in a new and interesting way." Stars Anna Adams (Sex In The City 2) and Michael Ian Farrell (The Gourmet Detective 2).
Thriller, 43 mins, USA

Trick or Treat
Directed by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Produced by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Trick or Treat.
Horror, 04 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Vampire Season
Directed by Paul Andrich
Produced by Paul Andrich, Dale Krawchuk
Four men embark on the most important mission of their lives. Their biggest problem is that it's the Vampire apocalypse and their lives will never be the same again.
Horror, 91 mins, Manitoba, Canada

What of the Crooked House
Directed by Eric Osborne
Produced by Connor DuPont, Thomas Robinson, Eric Osborne
Three friends set out to explore a local abandoned house and are confronted with elements of the surreal and the supernatural.
Thriller, 29 mins, Canada