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11 Minutes
Directed by Tom Botchii Skowronski
Produced by Tom Botchii Skowronski, Martin Moody, Nick Leisure

The last 11 minutes in the life of a workplace shooter. Told by the director's own suicide note, used as the script for the film.
Dark Drama, 7 mins, USA
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219 Gates

Directed by Joel Garland
Produced by Carlton Ward, Joel Garland, Becky Radway, Fat Pigeon Film

219 Gates.
Horror, 20 mins, New York, USA

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Directed by Rory Abel
Produced by Elias Ganster, Michael Aransky

Jonathan MacKinlay is a man trapped inside his home by his own mind. Suffering from agoraphobia, caused by a car accident that also took his wife's life, his existence has been reduced to a monotonous repetition of identical days. However, a home invasion shatters his safe haven and possibly his mind. Soon he finds that he might no longer be alone in the house. Something evil lurks in the darkness, preying on his fears and self-loathing. Is it real or just a figment of his imagination? He'll have to survive to find out.
Horror, 84 mins, USA


Directed by Mike Donis, Jonathan Robbin
Produced by Matthew Carvery, Jonathan Robbins, Vanessa Chiara

Canadian Eric Blair travels to Prague to see his ex-girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, she is now married to an arms dealer, and the CIA is manipulating him to get a way in.
Dark Drama, 105 mins, USA

Buddy System
Directed by Paul DeNigris
Produced by Natasha Stringam

Two survivors of the zombie apocalypse cross paths under the most dire of circumstances and make an agreement to see each other through to the bitter end.
Horror, 6 mins, USA

Call Girl of Cthulhu

Directed by Chris LaMantina
Produced by Jimmy George, Chris LaMantina

Call Girl of Cthulhu.
Horror, 92 mins, Maryland, USA


Directed by Jonathan Robbins, Jason Leaver, Alex Gheorghe
Produced by Jonathan Robbins, Matthew Carvery. Rachel Beattie, Wil Wong

Sex workers take on the mob and fight human trafficking in this femme fatale micro series.
Dark Drama, 135 mins, Canada

Dark Vision

Directed by Darren Flaxstone
Produced by Bernie Hodges, Darren Flaxstone, Chris Broughton

There is more in the darkness than you know... Mind-full host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril whilst trying to win his own series as part of the paranormal competition Dark Vision. Find out what manifestations lay in wait for his team inside Baylock's Folly - a place with a dark history and possibly a darker present. Who is its mysterious caretaker Clem and what are the twisted motivations of the producers at the "Dark Vision Hub"? Step into the darkness and find the answers in this new wave, gothic horror from Stray Spark productions.
Horror, 86 mins, United Kingdom

Deadly Revisions

Directed by Gregory Blair
Produced by Gregory Blair

Hypnotherapy and drugs are used to help an amnesiac horror writer, but are the terrifying images that surface real or imagined?
Horror, 94 mins, USA


Directed by Ben Dawkins
Produced by Spencer Dodd

Soundtracked by the cinematic and menacing tones of Burial's Rival Dealer, Ben Dawkins delivers this dramatic and thrilling short film. Photographed by Olivier Cariou and shot in London at night, Dawkins' film, full of tension and fear, boasts a large cast, headed by Osi Okerafor, who plays Curtis, a drug dealer who is torn between the light and dark sides of his personality - caught up in the seedy underbelly of the capital...
Thriller, 12 mins, Stockholm, Sweden


Directed by John Nicholas Peters
Produced by Frank Juchniewicz

Dark Drama, 45 mins, Pennsylvania, USA


Directed by Dan Sheldon
Produced by Dan Sheldon

Science Fiction, 95 mins, California, USA


Directed by David Dollard
Produced by David Dollard

In a post-apocalyptic world, humanities survival lies with Trelas, a secret military research facility. Buried deep underground, Trelas is developing a new weapon against the undead, or is it for the undead? But, just how effective their new efforts are lies with Gloria. Freshly captured, and just as mysterious a figure as her surroundings, she's about to make the ultimate sacrifice: her flesh and blood.
Horror, 9 mins, Canada

Franky and The Ant

Directed by Billy Hayes
Produced by Billy Hayes

Franky is a methodical, professional killer who believes that loyalty trumps all in this crime thriller ignited by betrayal and driven by vengeance.
Thriller, 10 mins, USA


Directed by Randy Memoli
Produced by Randy Memoli

GLOOM is a short Horror, SCI-FI film based around the Boil Water Advisory that happened in Monmouth County, New Jersey during the Summer of 2012.
Science Fiction, 8 mins, New Jersey, USA

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He Knows
Directed by Alisha McCutcheon
Produced by Stuart Creque

Mommy and Daddy assure Timmy that Santa Claus knows who's been bad and good. Timmy resolves to prevent Santa from leaving a lump of coal to ruin his parents' image of him as their little angel.
Horror, 9 mins, USA

I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This

Directed by Alexander Gellner
Produced by Alexander Gellner

A six minute murder mystery family drama by Alexander Gellner. Father not really there mother the guardian still daughter with her secrets and son with the solution. In this erratic classically animated short film we meet a modern family that is divided and battling demons. Murder Vengeance Lust Truth Loyalty. And Dance. Oh sweet dance!
Dark Drama, 6 mins, Berlin, Germany
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In Violet - Entomophobia
Directed by Robin Rippmann
Produced by Amma Djan

Entomophobia is the first music video for the London based band In Violet. It centres around the fear of insects and features tons of creepy crawlies, out to spook unsuspecting humans.
Music Video, 4 mins, Switzerland

La lunga notte di Victor Kowalsky

Directed by Stefano Poggioni
Produced by Essi Girano, The Factory Pro, Electric Sheep Comics

La lunga notte di Victor Kowalsky.
Horror, 31 mins, Italy, Italy


Directed by Joey Medina
Produced by Liz Lohof, Joey Medina

A day in the life of L.A.'s most twisted serial killer.
Horror, 14 mins, USA


Directed by Joshua Reale
Produced by Joshua Reale, Geoff Orlowski

Horror, 15 mins, New York, USA


Directed by John Pata
Produced by Lee Marohn, John Pata

La lunga notte di Victor Kowalsky.
Thriller, 8 mins, Wisconsin, USA
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Directed by Faustino Felix Figueroa
Produced by Faustino Felix Figueroa

Terry, a young but hungry and sick man wants to find out why he feels so bad and hungry. Why the whole apartment is a mess, and why he has the feeling of a broken heart?
Horror, 9 mins, CAlifornia, USA

Requiem Pour Mon Père
Directed by Quentin Perez
Produced by Quentin Perez

Through the maze of a nightmare a young man faces his father. His trauma springs from the darkness and he gradually exorcises his bitterness.
Dark Drama, 14 mins, France

Directed by Vince Williams
Produced by Lysa Ausmus

Science Fiction, 7 mins, Texas, USA

Small Talk

Directed by Nicole Witte Solomon
Produced by Flavio Alves, Chih-Hsin Lee

Small Talk.
Horror, 24 mins, New York, USA

Strange Thing

Directed by Alrik Bursell
Produced by Alrik Bursell

Strange Thing.
Science Fiction, 10 mins, USA


Directed by Javier Arcelus Cano
Produced by Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

"Supermisil" is the story of Antonio a family father whose current job worries are priorities over his son's interests. Uncapable of improving his relationship with him Antonio explotes against the little boy and his fascination with his favorite tv series: Supermisil. On his way to work Antonio finds an unusual situation which will help him to be more empathic with his son and this will also show him that Superheroes exist...and Villains do too.
Fantasy, 12 mins, Mexico
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The Heebie-Jeebies
Directed by Todd Slawsby
Produced by Todd Slawsby

After a young boy and girl hear a frightening bedtime story, they become convinced there is something scary under their bed. They may be right...
Horror, 10 mins, USA

The Holy Sound

Directed by Nicholas Wagner
Produced by Nicholas Wagner

On the outskirts of their small Northeastern town, a group of emotionally damaged teens are drawn to a euphoric noise emitted from a cavern. Inside, they discover the source - a fearsome, ancient obelisk - and grow to depend on its drug-like notes for relief from their troubled lives. They soon realize that while the "first taste is free," only blood can sustain it.
Horror, 56 mins, USA
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The Lost Woman
Directed by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Produced by David Von Roehm, NINGUN FILMS

Guests at an Inn in Cape May encounter an uninvited guest.
Horror, 18 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

The Perfect Husband

Directed by Lucas Pavetto
Produced by Lucas Pavetto

A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey will take a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion becomes pure madness.
Thriller, 85 mins, Italy

The Real Evidence: Laptop
Directed by Egor Gavrilin
Produced by Inna Omelchenko, Egor Gavrilin

One extremely usual day an office clerk finds out that he can move the mouse cursor out of the computer and "edit" the world with computer programs...
Thriller, 14 mins, Russian Federation

The Sound of Trains

Directed by Travis M. Champagne, Jordan Bradley
Produced by Travis Champagne, James Crawford, Jordan Bradley

Jacob, a middle aged hermit, discovers an other worldly goo that triggers an evening of disturbing events. These events lead to visitations by curious beings, causing Jacob to question his sanity and whether we really are alone in this universe.
Science Fiction, 11 mins, USA

The Visitant

Directed by Nick Peterson
Produced by Jon Heder, Nick Peterson

A lone mother protects her daughters from a demon intruder.
Horror, 7 mins, USA

They Came From The Ether

Directed by James Pronath
Produced by James Pronath, Ryan Law

They Came From The Ether.
Science Fiction, 90 mins, North Carolina, USA
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Directed by David Griffith
Produced by Inge Sorensen

After jaded hotel manager Mark Kerr is caught stealing by a colleague, he is coerced into becoming the inside man for a jewellery heist at the conference hotel where he works. But as the thieves wait through the night for the timelock on the safe to open, one of them realizes that he has met Mark before and the events of the night take a deadly turn.
Thriller, 94 mins, United Kingdom


Directed by David Jingu, Jacob Brillar
Produced by Ryuko Hamadayama, David Jingu, Jacob Brillar

Dark Drama, 81 mins, California, USA


Directed by Ted Ryan
Produced by Ted Ryan

A young boy moments before for the bombing.
Dark Drama, 39 mins, USA

Witness Monitor
Directed by Edward Worthy
Produced by Edward Worthy, Jordan Lewis

Witness Monitor.
Thriller, 8 mins, Mississippi, USA