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'Til Death
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Produced by Christy Tostevin
Four unhappy husbands wake up to a gruesome surprise the morning after killing each other's wives.
Horror, 20 mins, Ohio, USA

0 Feet Away
Directed by Frank Clark
Produced by Frank Clark, Nyree Knox
Looking for a good time, Chase stays home one night searching for a hook-up, using one of the many apps on his phone. What starts off as a flirty conversation with Stealth, ends up getting creepier, until there's not much more than zero feet between them.
Horror, XX mins, California, USA

14 Days
Directed by Joseph Villapaz
Produced by Joseph Villapaz
A diverse cast of characters deals with life changing issues in a variety of stories tied together by the location they all pass through.
Science Fiction, 54 mins, New Jersey, USA

A Likeness In Stone
Directed by Kevin McGuiness
Produced by Kevin McGuiness
John Kable, a wealthy socialite returns home to his family estate to discover it has been burned to the ground. In the ashes he discovers the death mask of his deceased fiancé, Helen, who passed away mysteriously a few weeks earlier. John believes that his brother Al is responsible for the arson, and that he has also played a role in the Helen’s death. Scouring the city to find his brother, John encounters a troupe of bizarre and roguish characters along the way including Lucky, an eccentric barfly; Vincent, a retired mob boss and Celeste, a struggling actress.
Thriller, 55 mins, USA

A Terrible Day for Jared
Directed by Dakota Laden
Produced by Dakota Laden, Cinemanic Productions
Remember this next time you think you are having a bad day!
Horror, 7 mins, Minnesota, USA

A Way Out
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Produced by Jason Tostevin
When aging gangster Vick risks it all to quit the life, he discovers his young protege has been keeping a secret of his own -- one that plunges them both into a deadly cat and mouse game over the course of one car ride.
Dark Drama, 14 mins, Ohio, USA

Al Emarah
Directed by Mouayed Zabtia
Produced by Mouayed Zabtia
Horror, 33 mins, Berlin, Germany

Alastair Tembylton
Directed by Samuel Horton
Produced by Samuel Horton, Elijah Schnitzler, Michael Horton, Sheila Horton
A downtrodden young man gives in to his darkest temptations and commits sexual assault. Returning to society, he finds that he is a despised outcast that cannot be saved, lest he confronts the reason that turned his life to darkness.
Dark Drama, 16 mins, Alaska, USA

Awaiting Lazarus
Directed by Orok Duke
Produced by Marta Henqiquez, Domenico Della Vallo
A secret society with a keen interest in the occult gathers for one of its regular ceremonies. It's members are tricked into performing a forbidden ritual and unleash a dangerous spirit in the house. Each member struggles to survive the night, and unravel the traitor amongst them.
Horror, 23 mins, London, United Kingdom

Directed by Bhargav Saikia
Produced by Bhargav Saikia
The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.
Horror, 14 mins, India

Bachelor Games
Directed by Edward McGown
Produced by Georgina Edwards
A group of friends on a stag weekend in the mountains of Argentina are picked off by a dark force called "The Hunter", but all is not what it seems.
Dark Drama, 87 mins, Argentina

Bad Guy #2
Directed by Chris McInroy
Produced by Ben Steinbauer, Veronica Leon
One bad guy discovers that moving up in a crime ring has its downsides. Just as his new career starts, it might already be coming to an end. He'll either have to set an example or become one. This 'goredy' follows the bad guy who just got promoted to the dead end job of bad guy #2.
Horror, 10 mins, Texas, USA

Before The Dawn
Directed by Tin Leong Vong
Produced by Tin Leong Vong
One night between a vampire and a killer.
Fantasy, 4 mins, Macau

Directed by Wesley Mellott
Produced by Wesley Mellott, Andrew Glessner, Paul Bauman, Susan Chang
Thinking Art Entertainment & Oneiric Studios present BINGE, a psychological thriller about an alcoholic and his mental struggle with sobriety. When his relationships deteriorate due to his alcoholism, Max makes the conscious decision to go sober. In his newfound sobriety, Max uncovers a deeply buried past that haunts his dreams, which starts to creep into his reality. Will Max conquer his temptations or will he let his inner demons get the best of him?
Thriller, 110 mins, USA

Directed by Rory Pierce
Produced by Rory Pierce
Short psychological thriller in which a female victim is kidnapped and killed for no apparent reason.
Thriller, 15 mins, Arizona, USA

Directed by VT Lithyouvong
Produced by VT Lithyouvong, Jay Agbuya
The story follows a young girl, Lisa (Rachelle Henry), who just moved into town. While walking home from school, she encounters three girls, the school bullies who harasses her. Lisa is saved by Amy (Heidi Bove) and Julie (Isabelle Bushue). Finally making new friends, she was invited over to Amy's house. As the night moves along, the bullies continue to harass Lisa at Amy's house.
Thriller, 20 mins, USA

Cut! (¡Corte!)
Directed by Lorena Piazza
Produced by Leonardo Tlacuilo
A theatre director, used to be in control, loses it when his actors, possessed by their characters, rebels against him. This will make him question himself what's reality and what's fiction.
Thriller, 17 mins, Mexico

Directed by Alex Torres
Produced by Alex Torres
When a young man identifies someone in a crime, the perpetrators' mysterious guardian begins terrorizing him. The good Samaritan ultimately realizes the stranger's revenge is even more sinister than he had imagined.
Horror, 9 mins, New York, USA

Dead Body
Directed by Bobbin Ramsey
Produced by Ian Bell
In a dark, secluded wood, the lovely Ilsa gasps for breath. She's behind a rotting shack, hiding from a murderer...until his shadow passes over her. Ilsa lunges at him, screaming! But the killer dodges, whacks her with the shovel. Ilsa falls to the forest floor, and looks up to see the killer's face. "You?!"
Horror, 79 mins, New York, USA

Devil Makes Work
Directed by Guy Soulsby
Produced by Pete Ryan
The devil's twisted view of humanity.
Horror, 8 mins, London, United Kingdom

Directed by Dan Horrigan
Produced by Foliage Films
As the anniversary of their child's death approaches, a couple must try to find a way to forgive, and start over.
Dark Drama, 12 mins, England, United Kingdom

Don't Speak
Directed by Amadeu Artasona
Produced by Francesc Prat, Amadeu Artasona, Luis Galán, Joan Navarro
A group of friends are having a party on a boat. In the distance, a small town watches them in silence. Suddenly, one of them is seriously injured and the group approach the village for help. No one attends, the few inhabitants they find order them to be quiet and disappear into the darkness. The group split for help and strange and terrifying things start to happen, some of them are killed in terrible circumstances.
Horror, 82 mins, California, USA

Enough to be Dangerous
Directed by Alby Ravenswood
Produced by Sam Vanivray
A young private detective with a strange drug habit has one day to solve a murder case involving surgical robots, his client's innocence on the line.
Thriller, 35 mins, Massachusetts, USA

Directed by Michael Yurinko
Produced by Brian Jaynes, Niko Foster, Jena Waldron, Michael Yurinko, Holt Boggs
A man deals with the personal tragedy of his family's death by living at the vacation cabin that they last stayed at. He soon discovers he's not alone.
Dark Drama, 108 mins, USA

Directed by Jimmie Wing
Produced by Chia-Lin Yeh
White trash go crazy in Asia!
Horror, 27 mins, Dansuei, Taiwan

Falling Dreams
Directed by Tin Leong Vong
Produced by Ka Man Chan
Akina is a romantic novel writer who uses the pseudonym, "Bethy". She decides to give up writing romantic novels after breaking up with her boyfriend, and starts to write horror and mystery novels. One day, she finds out that she is experiencing a life that is the same as the life that once appeared in her abandoned story.
Fantasy, 24 mins, Macau

final rehearsal (ensaio final)
Directed by Lucca Bertollini
Produced by Lucca Bertollini
To star in the short film, "Blood Bath", the actors, Priscila, Leticia and Willer must rehearse with the polemical cast coach Joice, who is willing to take them beyond their physical and psychological limits. A rehearsal will become a terrible massacre!
Horror, 14 mins, Brazil

Directed by Christopher Abaya, Angelo Reyes
Produced by Angelo Reyes
Heartless is a gritty Crime/Thriller hybrid film based on the short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" published in 1843 by Edgar Allan Poe. The film follows Ray Chandler, who suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). After his service in the Military, Ray adapts to the civilian world by becoming a special agent working undercover for Captain Sonny Prince and Deputy Director Artis Miller to take down the leader of the crew, Boss Ira Levin.
Thriller, 20 mins, Virginia, USA

Hidden Highway: WLL2LIV
Directed by Sam Zhang
Produced by Garret Barnett
A group of six people are abducted in the middle of the desert and forced to fight against each other to death while being filmed by their abductors.
Horror, 104 mins, California, USA

Honky Holocaust
Directed by Paul M. McAlarney
Produced by Paul M. McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Thomas Delcarpio, Alex E. Edwards, Krisoula Varoudakis, Lucas Fleming
In 1969, Charles Manson took it upon himself to commandeer the most sinister conflict since the Holocaust, when he framed the entire African-American population of Los Angeles for the murder of Sharon Tate and ignited a widespread Race War. The coward that all evil men are, he then retreated to an underground bunker with his cult following with strict instructions for nobody to leave until the bloodshed on the Earth's surface had ended.
Horror, 116 mins, Massachusetts, USA

Hyena's Blood

Directed by Nicolas Caicoya
Produced by Nicolas Caicoya, Barbara Manfredini, Vincelee Rivera
We are in 1973. A corrupt cop helps the new born DEA to burn down the poppy fields in Mexico.
Thriller, 29 mins, Barcelona, Spain

I Am Alone
Directed by Robert A. Palmer
Produced by Robert A. Palmer, Michael A. Weiss
While shooting his tv show, "I Am Alone", Jacob Fitts documents his transformation into the undead, caused by a viral outbreak.
Horror, 90 mins, California, USA

I didn't come for him (Non sono venuta per lui)
Directed by Giampaolo Cufino
Produced by Giampaolo Cufino
Alice is a pregnant girl, Bruno is her boyfriend, between they the presence of a little Girl that cradles a doll.
Horror, 8 mins, Rome, Italy

Directed by Siyi Chen
Produced by Weiyi Liu
When an ex-convict returns home, he attempts to control his family, shaping them the way he sees fit, but his suspicions of his wife, as well as, his abrasive ways show that the person that needs to be controlled is him.
Dark Drama, 23 mins, Hubei, China

Inner Demons
Directed by Eric Lauck
Produced by Eric Lauck
This film is a commentary of suicide from a different angle. Like the movie declares, we all struggle with our own inner demons. This film is a manifestation of that, esoteric symbolism is a reoccurring theme in this film.
Horror, 10 mins, Illinois, USA

I've Always Been Here
Directed by M. Sean McManus
Produced by M. Sean McManus
A mother must defend herself against supernatural forces.
Dark Drama, 10 mins, USA

Killer Rack
Directed by Gregory Lamberson
Produced by Gregory Lamberson, Paul McGinnis, Rod Durick
Screwball horror comedy about a woman (Jessica Zwolak) suffering from low esteem who gets breast enhancement surgery from Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon). Her new assets turn out to be man-eating monsters, and only she can stop them. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Thurber are in the cast, and Brooke Lewis is the Voice of the Boobs. Directed by author Gregory Lamberson, creator of the cult classic, SLIME CITY. Our trailer received over 20,000 views its first week on YouTube, and our press coverage includes such sites as Moviepilot and i09.
Horror, 98 mins, New York, USA

Kitchen Brigade (Brigade de Cuisine)
Directed by Javier Arcelus Cano
Produced by Mariana López Rubio
A housewife is set upon preparing a delicious meal of stuffed chicken. But the main difficulties of the dish go way beyond finding the perfect seasoning: to achieve her goal, she will have to capture the main ingredients of the recipe.
Drama, 3 mins, Toluca, Mexico

Directed by Daniel Scarpati
Produced by Daniel Scarpati
Jack is a mall Santa who's tired of listening to spoiled children. After meeting little Stew, Jack unintentionally conjures an evil version of Santa in an attempt to teach naughty kids a lesson.
Fantasy, 13 mins, New York, USA

La méduse rouge
Directed by Michael Wellenreiter
Produced by Michael Wellenreiter
Reclusive young billionaire, Carl Jorstad, returns from his annual survivalist vacation in order to bid for the rare jellyfish called 'La méduse rouge', known as a harbinger of the end of the world. But Carl's hardball negotiations prove costlier than he'd foreseen, attracting a masochistic brotherhood of ultra-rich business magnates who desire La méduse rouge for their decadent dinner party.
Science Fiction, 101 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Little Old Cat Lady from Rancho Cucamonga
Directed by Stephen James Thomas
Produced by Casey Kramer, Stephen Anthony Bailey, Rasheed Stephens, CJ Natoli, Juwan Carter, Diana Lu
Granny Jefferson makes a wish for her cat, Georgie Pie, to take revenge upon four high school thugs who have stolen money and have brutally attacked her at home.
Horror, 13 mins, California, USA

Living Hell
Directed by Peter O'Brien
Produced by Peter O'Brien
Opening sequence to much larger story about five killers who seek shelter in a secluded farmhouse during a very dangerous storm. As their personalities begin to clash they discover each other's deadly secrets.
Horror, 4 mins, Nebraska, USA

Directed by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
Produced by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
In 7 days, Earth will have its atmosphere ripped away by a powerful coronal mass ejection. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has. After failing in NYC, Alice grabs her mixtapes, returns to her desolate, rural hometown, and finds a job calling people to inform them that their children have died. It strikes her as a little unusual that the office is hundreds of feet underground in a former bunker under a sheep farm, but ennui has drained all of emotional response.
Horror, XX mins, California, USA

Mario & Netta Show
Directed by Daniele Lince
Produced by Daniele Lince, Roberto Tomeo, Fabio Fossati
Mario and Netta are waiting for their weekly psychiatric visit. Mario is nervous. Today will not be a normal day for Mario and Netta...
Thriller, 11 mins, Italy

Directed by Michael P. Vidler
Produced by Pawan Deol
A middle aged real estate agents obsessive and destructive search for a baby.
Thriller, 29 mins, British Columbia, Canada

Night of the Slasher
Directed by Shant Hamassian
Produced by Adam Lesar, Eve Constance, Shant Hamassian
A "shot-in-one-take" slasher film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex in order to lure a masked killer and defeat him.
Horror, 12 mins, California, USA

Directed by Jim Higgins
Produced by Jim Higgins, Tony Bumgarner, Aimee Dutton, Frank Mareno
When Michael's wife Sara is possessed by the devil he turns to Father O'Malley, in a desperate attempt to save her soul.
Horror, 13 mins, Ohio, USA

Out of the Basement
Directed by Benjamin Dewhurst
Produced by Emmanuel Carter, Adam Cassel
A few weeks after his brother Danny's funeral, Owen Davidson gets a call from his brother's landlord Edgar. Danny left behind his personal audio recorder, an item Owen was eager to both return to his mother, and to listen to himself. Owen's curiosity gets the better of him. As he listens to the recorder while sitting in Danny's old kitchen, he soon learned of his brother's apparent neurosis, brought on by a Halloween night summoning exercise.
Horror, 14 mins, Missouri, USA


Directed by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Produced by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
A woman is taunted by her neighbor to the point of revenge.
Thriller, 3 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Directed by Nathan Crooker
Produced by Nathan Crooker, Nick Snow, John Kennedy
PLAYBACK is a three-minute film shot in one take, which makes the suspense it conjures up all the more impressive. A man turns on his TV but can only find static, when suddenly the static cuts out to show security camera footage of a masked killer chasing a scantily-clad woman and brutally gutting her in an apartment hallway. The channel turns itself off, and then he hears a strange noise outside his front door and decides to investigate. PLAYBACK combines a John Carpenter type of slasher film with a Twilight Zone-like twist.
Horror, 4 mins, New York, USA

Prelude to Axanar
Directed by Christian Gossett
Produced by Alec Peters
Prelude to Axanar is an independent Star Trek project that tells the story of Captain Kirk's hero, Garth of Izar, during the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It is shot as a documentary and is the back story for the forthcoming feature "Axanar".
Science Fiction, 21 mins, California, USA

Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre
Directed by James Christopher
Produced by Lauren Shelton
Christopher Shearer is making another documentary. This time about the cast and crew behind the award winning adult films of Quadruple X as they take on a new challenge: a true horror/adult film mash-up called "The Home Cumming." Unfortunately, someone isn't a fan of their handy work and has taken to picking off members of the team one by one.
Horror, 88 mins, Texas, USA

Redbox Killer
Directed by Mark Demise
Produced by Mark Demise, Tim Shultz
While most embrace technology, a chosen few fight against it...To the death! A masked psychopath stalks the streets and kills at the kiosks. Is this the work of a madman? Or is there a motive behind the massacre?
Horror, 60 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Directed by Ryan Oliver
Produced by Ryan Oliver, Matt Falletta
The ghost of 10 year-old Yvonne LeMay has been tethered to the trunk of a 1950 Fleetline Deluxe for over half a century. Uprooted from a rural setting, the change in car ownership doesn't sit well with her as she is displaced and relocated to a mechanic's clubhouse in the city. Ultimately frustrated with her new digs, she throws a temper tantrum that proves deadly for the resident gearheads.
Horror, 47 mins, Illinois, USA

Revenge of the Spacemen
Directed by Jay P. Summers
Produced by Jay P. Summers
Aliens invade Earth in this retro, B-Movie, Sci-Fi Comedy. This time they're out for revenge, probing animals and people alike. It's up to some college age kids, small town law enforcement and some hillbillies to save the world from this terrible green scourge.
Science Fiction, 77 mins, California, USA

Righteous Sin
Directed by Peter Sawka
Produced by Peter Sawka, Icrus Murphy, Nicholas Haraszty
On an overcast afternoon in early March, Father Daniel Matthias arrives home and discovers the mutilated body of Candace Davies, his secret lover. When the Catholic Church learns of Daniel's heathenism the bishop expels him. Having lost everything he ever loved, Daniel turns to alcohol to deal with his unbearable sorrow.
Dark Drama, 25 mins, Ontario, Canada

Road Kill
Directed by Warren Williams
Produced by Jamie Klein
Set in the 1970's, a hit-man returning home from his final contract runs into car trouble and must hitch a ride with a complete stranger. Trouble arises as small clues begin to reveal that this talkative stranger is much more than he appears to be.
Dark Drama, 8 mins, USA

Directed by Matt Stuertz
Produced by Matt Stuertz
Kill your past... Rewind your future. Chris Lipscomb and Ricky Nicolas are the stars and cameramen of the "popular" paranormal reality series, "Ghost Goofs". In their final episode, they plan to journey deep into the legendary Brut Woods in search of a malevolent and murderous spirit that has haunted the grounds for the past century. But when they arrive, they find something much worse... themselves.
Horror, 77 mins, Missouri, USA

Sample Return
Directed by Chris Remerowski
Produced by Chris Remerowski
In the Sci-Fi comedy short, Sample Return, Moreau and Patrel, jaded freelance astronauts, co-pilots and frenemies, voyage between the stars in search of new, slightly better jobs. While their partnership is strictly platonic, they enjoy passionate repartee. As intergalactic temps, Moreau and Partrel are sick of underpaid, boring labour. From the bridge of their spaceship, Moreau searches an interstellar "Craigslist", but whether it's moisture farming, platinum mining or helium transport, she's unable to convince her grandiose business partner to sign up.
Science Fiction, 6 mins, Ontario, Canada

Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.
Directed by Hiro Kay, Kazuya Ogawa, Akira Hirose, Takeshi Sone
Produced by Takeshi Sone
The rumor of 'Slit Mouth Woman' is blasting in L.A.  Every night, Clair has a nightmare about her.  She meets with a professor of urban legends and talks about the phenomenon.  She finds out that the incidents are not just Slit Mouth Woman, but...
Horror, 103 mins, Tokyo, Japan

Spiral Labyrinth (Laberinto en Espiral)
Directed by Cecilia Pego
Produced by David Gerstein Villanueva
An artist experiences a creative crisis artist that impedes him to paint or communicate with the outside world. His hand transforms into a monstrous being that begins to paint new spaces where he loses and finds himself again in an infinite cycle of labyrinths.
Horror, 27 mins, Mexico City, Mexico

Spirit from the Meadow
Directed by Joant Úbeda
Produced by Abhilash Chandra
An introverted man who is scared of women decides to seek out a prostitute. Another man, a stranger, has chosen to help him find one, but instead leads him through a bizarre and unexpected night that intersects with the supernatural.
Dark Drama, 17 mins, California, USA

Summer is gone
Directed by Im Fong Leong
Produced by Tin Leong Vong
A girl moves away, leaving her boyfriend to stay in a house where they have many sweet memories. Will she back?
Horror, 7 mins, Macau

Directed by The Clemens Bros
Produced by Ted Byron Baybutt, Duncan MacInnes
Kidnapped and suffering the diabolical torturous ways of "The Crude Surgeon" for no known reason, Michael slips in and out of consciousness until he finds himself in safe hands...
Horror, 11 mins, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Territorial Behavior
Directed by Peter Bergin
Produced by Peter Bergin, Malcolm Deega
Shot in Ireland, though set entirely in the United states, Territorial Behavior tells the story of Bailey Rhodes - a survival specialist with over ten years of wilderness and outdoors experience - who ventures into a remote area of Montana to shoot a wilderness video, only to come to the malicious attentions of some violent poachers who may be protecting a dark secret. Unfortunately for Rhodes, however, his troubles are only beginning as he quickly realizes he may have something even more malevolent than these crazed hunters to contend with...
Thriller, 81 mins, Dublin, Ireland

Directed by Hsin-Yen Lu
Produced by Hsin-Yen Lu, Rina Tsou
Half year ago, in a near-death experience, young photographer Yao-Ting accidentally took a photo of the female Death, Elenie. And, she looked like his lover who died ten years ago. Being told that he has only one year to live, Yao-Ting tries every kinds of way to die so he could take the most beautiful photos of her. Yet, he doesn't know: when a Death fells in love with a human, the orders between lives and death will be all collapsed.
Fantasy, 60 mins, China

The Autumn of ZAO
Directed by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse
Produced by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, Mélanie Couraud, José Monplet, François-Xavier Marchi, Matthieu Choquette, Pierre-Claude Gaumerd
Zao is a little boy with an incurable disease, in a house beside a lake. A little girl, Cloe, leads through the forest and tells him the legend of the lake monster. Beyond the pain, death and time, The Autumn of ZAO is a hymn to dream, life and childhood.
Dark Drama, 19 mins, Creteil, France

The Barber's Cut
Directed by Mark Brocking
Produced by Mark Brocking, Caitlin Moore
Two cut off but living heads wake up in a fridge and manage to escape while trying to avoid a psycho barber.
Horror, 12 mins, England, UK

The Car
Directed by Sacha Boxell
Produced by Natasha Poppy Solari
Driving on a dark country road at night in an old Cortina, Karl discovers a man who he has never seen before bound and gagged in the back of his car.
Thriller, 10 mins, United Kingdom

The Dead Man's Number
Directed by Jackson Hill
Produced by Byron LeBlanc
In Jake's dream Rex, a long dead friend who died a violent death, shows up in a bar. Rex is a wreck but Jake manages to get Rex to write down his phone number. Waking in a cold sweat at three in the morning Jake remembers the dream and writes down the dead man's number. His squeeze Betty dismisses Jake's dream as "spooky hooey nonsense" but an air of foreboding arises as Jake leaves for work. The starting point for this movie was an actual dream of writer/director Jackson Hill where he runs into his long dead friend Rex.
Thriller, 16 mins, USA

The Endless Whispers Cycle
Directed by Michael Babbitt
Produced by Krista Babbitt
A promising professor of Anthropology receives a very unique gift and faces a choice that will determine the fate of humanity.
Thriller, 38 mins, North Carolina, USA

The Eve
Directed by Luca Machnich
Produced by Luca Machnich
Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He's a handsome child, he's rich yet unhappy. He senses that there's something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn't fond of it. That's why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory.
Horror, 20 mins, Rome, Italy

The Intruder
Directed by Scott J. Simpson
Produced by Patrick McGowan, Scott J. Simpson
He thought he was alone, but he was DEAD wrong!
Horror, 5 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

The Peripheral
Directed by JT Seaton
Produced by Kris Brown
When a patient, Kenny, shows up at her home unexpectedly, Dr. Joanna Redding attempts to help him overcome his "irrational" phobia of the creatures that he sees in his peripheral vision. Dr. Redding uses Exposure Therapy, forcing Kenny to face his fear. Of course, the creatures that terrify Kenny are very real - and very deadly. It is a horrifying discovery that Dr. Redding uncovers all too late. THE PERIPHERAL stars cult actress Lynn Lowry ("Shivers", "The Crazies", "Cat People") and features old school Stop Motion Creature Effects (in the vein of Ray Harryhausen) by artist Ron Cole.
Horror, 12 mins, USA

The Prayer
Directed by Rory Pierce
Produced by Rory Pierce, Ryan Pierson
One man's journey to discover where you go when you're gone.
Dark Drama, 5 mins, Arizona, USA

The Red Man
Directed by Jimmie Gonzalez
Produced by John Acquaviva
A famous DJ living in a trendy apartment building learns his shrink and new neighbor may be involved in a secret society plot drugging and killing fellow celebrity tenants.
Thriller, 102 mins, Nevada, USA

The Sky Has Fallen
Directed by Doug Roos
Produced by Doug Roos
A post-apocalyptic love story. All practical FX. No CGI. Within a couple of hours, a new disease wipes out almost all of mankind. Trying to avoid infection, people flee to remote locations, but they start seeing mysterious black figures, carrying away the dead and experimenting on them. Now, Lance and Rachel, two survivors determined to fight back, must kill the leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears. This new cut hasn't screened anywhere yet. The film has new terrifying scenes, different editing, new color correction.
Horror, 80 mins, USA

Trail Of Blood On The Trail
Directed by Kate Lavin
Produced by Jeremy Friedrich, Kate Lavin
A man's attempt at a romantic marriage proposal on an isolated biking trail doesn't work out as planned. Things only get worse as the zombie apocalypse starts.
Horror, 82 mins, Illinois, USA

Trail of Spirits (Teaser Trailer)
Directed by Zack Eatmon-Ponciano
Produced by Andrew Bever
Waking up in an Unknown apocalypse, an Autistic military brat must lead his 6 small town, teenaged friends to survival as they face a massive wave of Demons and Evil Spirits! As time passes, the 7 friends not only must fight the monsters in the woods, but their Inner Demons as well.
Horror, 3 mins, California, USA

Wet Nurse Trilogy
Directed by Phil Showzen
Produced by Phil Showzen
Baby Hungry.
Horror, 7 mins, USA

Yo Soy Pedro
Directed by jordan Inconstant
Produced by jordan Inconstant
In 1977, Mackenzie and Banks, two Americans cops, encounter an alien that has just crashed. The police take him for a film actor and decide to bring him back to the Hollywood studios.
Science Fiction, 11 mins, France