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0 Feet Away
Directed by Frank Clark
Produced by Frank Clark, Nyree Knox
Looking for a good time, Chase stays home one night searching for a hook-up, using one of the many apps on his phone. What starts off as a flirty conversation with Stealth, ends up getting creepier, until there's not much more than zero feet between them.
Horror, XX mins, California, USA

A Likeness In Stone
Directed by Kevin McGuiness
Produced by Kevin McGuiness
John Kable, a wealthy socialite returns home to his family estate to discover it has been burned to the ground. In the ashes he discovers the death mask of his deceased fiancé, Helen, who passed away mysteriously a few weeks earlier. John believes that his brother Al is responsible for the arson, and that he has also played a role in the Helen’s death. Scouring the city to find his brother, John encounters a troupe of bizarre and roguish characters along the way including Lucky, an eccentric barfly; Vincent, a retired mob boss and Celeste, a struggling actress. When John and Al finally cross paths, the two collide in a monumental battle that will result in revelations and murder.
Thriller, 55 mins, USA

Awaiting Lazarus
Directed by Orok Duke
Produced by Marta Henqiquez, Domenico Della Vallo
A secret society with a keen interest in the occult gathers for one of its regular ceremonies. It's members are tricked into performing a forbidden ritual and unleash a dangerous spirit in the house. Each member struggles to survive the night, and unravel the traitor amongst them.
Horror, 23 mins, London, United Kingdom

Brigade de Cuisine (Kitchen Brigade)
Directed by Javier Arcelus Cano
Produced by Mariana López Rubio
A housewife is set upon preparing a delicious meal of stuffed chicken. But the main difficulties of the dish go way beyond finding the perfect seasoning: to achieve her goal, she will have to capture the main ingredients of the recipe.
Drama, 3 mins, Toluca, Mexico

Devil Makes Work
Directed by Guy Soulsby
Produced by Pete Ryan
The devil's twisted view of humanity.
Horror, 8 mins, London, United Kingdom

Don't Speak
Directed by Amadeu Artasona
Produced by Francesc Prat, Amadeu Artasona, Luis Galán, Joan Navarro
A group of friends are having a party on a boat. In the distance, a small town watches them in silence. Suddenly, one of them is seriously injured and the group approach the village for help. No one attends, the few inhabitants they find order them to be quiet and disappear into the darkness. The group split for help and strange and terrifying things start to happen, some of them are killed in terrible circumstances. Those who still live, increasingly terrified, discover the reason for all these murders. If they want to leave the village alive and the house where they are locked, they will have to survive in absolute silence.
Horror, 82 mins, California, USA

Directed by Christopher Abaya, Angelo Reyes
Produced by Angelo Reyes
Heartless is a gritty Crime/Thriller hybrid film based on the short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" published in 1843 by Edgar Allan Poe. The film follows Ray Chandler, who suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). After his service in the Military, Ray adapts to the civilian world by becoming a special agent working undercover for Captain Sonny Prince and Deputy Director Artis Miller to take down the leader of the crew, Boss Ira Levin.
Thriller, 20 mins, Virginia, USA

Honky Holocaust
Directed by Paul M. McAlarney
Produced by Paul M. McAlarney, Nick Norrman, Thomas Delcarpio, Alex E. Edwards, Krisoula Varoudakis, Lucas Fleming
In 1969, Charles Manson took it upon himself to commandeer the most sinister conflict since the Holocaust, when he framed the entire African-American population of Los Angeles for the murder of Sharon Tate and ignited a widespread Race War. The coward that all evil men are, he then retreated to an underground bunker with his cult following with strict instructions for nobody to leave until the bloodshed on the Earth's surface had ended. Though Manson himself did not live to see the light of day again, his daughter and his twisted Manson Family did, and they returned to the surface thirty-five years after Helter Skelter began.
Horror, 116 mins, Massachusetts, USA

Directed by Siyi Chen
Produced by Weiyi Liu
When an ex-convict returns home, he attempts to control his family, shaping them the way he sees fit, but his suspicions of his wife, as well as, his abrasive ways show that the person that needs to be controlled is him.
Dark Drama, 23 mins, Hubei, China

Inner Demons
Directed by Eric Lauck
Produced by Eric Lauck
This film is a commentary of suicide from a different angle. Like the movie declares, we all struggle with our own inner demons. This film is a manifestation of that, esoteric symbolism is a reoccurring theme in this film.
Horror, 10 mins, Illinois, USA

Directed by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
Produced by Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein
In 7 days, Earth will have its atmosphere ripped away by a powerful coronal mass ejection. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has. After failing in NYC, Alice grabs her mixtapes, returns to her desolate, rural hometown, and finds a job calling people to inform them that their children have died. It strikes her as a little unusual that the office is hundreds of feet underground in a former bunker under a sheep farm, but ennui has drained all of emotional response. She has the sense that she's being watched. Something about the cassette with the PLAY ME label isn't quite right. She could never imagine how essential she is to the preservation of life on Earth.
Horror, XX mins, California, USA

Directed by Jim Higgins
Produced by Jim Higgins, Tony Bumgarner, Aimee Dutton, Frank Mareno
When Michael's wife Sara is possessed by the devil he turns to Father O'Malley, in a desperate attempt to save her soul.
Horror, 13 mins, Ohio, USA

Redbox Killer
Directed by Mark Demise
Produced by Mark Demise, Tim Shultz
While most embrace technology, a chosen few fight against it...To the death! A masked psychopath stalks the streets and kills at the kiosks. Is this the work of a madman? Or is there a motive behind the massacre?
Horror, 60 mins, Pennsylvania, USA

Directed by Ryan Oliver
Produced by Ryan Oliver, Matt Falletta
The ghost of 10 year-old Yvonne LeMay has been tethered to the trunk of a 1950 Fleetline Deluxe for over half a century. Uprooted from a rural setting, the change in car ownership doesn't sit well with her as she is displaced and relocated to a mechanic's clubhouse in the city. Ultimately frustrated with her new digs, she throws a temper tantrum that proves deadly for the resident gearheads.
Horror, 47 mins, Illinois, USA

The Dead Man's Number
Directed by Jackson Hill
Produced by Byron LeBlanc
In Jake's dream Rex, a long dead friend who died a violent death, shows up in a bar. Rex is a wreck but Jake manages to get Rex to write down his phone number. Waking in a cold sweat at three in the morning Jake remembers the dream and writes down the dead man's number. His squeeze Betty dismisses Jake's dream as "spooky hooey nonsense" but an air of foreboding arises as Jake leaves for work. The starting point for this movie was an actual dream of writer/director Jackson Hill where he runs into his long dead friend Rex. This black and white film noir thriller was shot in New Orleans and promises to raise the hair on your arm.
Thriller, 16 mins, USA