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A Tell-Tale Heart
Screenplay written by Stephen M. Hunt

A man embarks on the murder of his lover simply as a test of his willpower.

An Occurrence In Pine Bluff
Screenplay written by Jas Qira

An Occurrence In Pine Bluff.
New Jersey, USA

Betsy's Boardinghouse
Screenplay written by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Betsy's Boardinghouse.
Pennsylvania, USA

Screenplay written by Margaret McCarley

A young couple's world is torn apart when they venture down the dark and dangerous path of brujeria...Mexican witchcraft.

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite
Screenplay written by Shakir Farsakh, Ron Brawer

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite.
New York, USA

Follow Me Monster
Screenplay written by Jermaine D. Battle

Follow Me Monster.
Missouri, USA

Ipsum Malum
Screenplay written by Damon Borrelli

In an attempt to create a knock-off ghost hunters show, three friends lock themselves into an abandoned school for the night. Encountering more than they ever imagined, one of the friends seemingly becomes possessed by the haunting entity while the lines between supernatural possession and mental instability blur.
New York, USA

Of Wolves And Men
Screenplay written by Robert Dan O'Neill

A rugged princess teams up with a group of legendary warriors to take down vicious beasts that threaten her land.

Road Rage
Screenplay written by David Andrew Hall

Two girls who wish to travel to Hollywood to become stars don't get nearly as far as they want before the realization that what money they have will not get them there. They turn to mugging unsuspecting men at rest areas and that itself is what turns their lives upside down as 2 officers kidnap them. The girls escape their captors after seeing the men's bank robbery plan. The girls rob the bank and are recaptured by the officers who take the money from them and leave them "holding the bag" for the heist.

Small Deception

Screenplay written by Shirl Solomon

Beth, 19, recounts to a court-appointed psychiatrist the events leading to the disappearance of her 7-year-old sister. Grotesque Denny, aware from birth that she is unwanted, plays mute and dull-witted. She sees no reason to be smart for a mother and father who keep her hidden in their fancy townhouse so not to shock friends and business associates. Only Beth knows of Denny's unusual powers. She loves and protects Denny, but upon discovering that Denny can read her mind, her love turns to fear.