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24-Hour Doorman
Written by Gregory Wolk
When crime drives Brooklynites into a newly-constructed "safe haven" high-rise called The Refuge, the manipulating doorman sows hatred between ethnic groups, but a young Arab man and Jewish woman who've just fallen in love discover his plot and struggle to stop the deadly war among residents so they can focus on stopping the evil doorman.
Thriller, Illinois, USA

Written by Steven Canfield Crowley
Benjamin and his German Shepherd, Ace find a mysterious, metallic sphere in the woods near their home. Missing people, strange occurrences, and unexplained ailments begin to plague Ben's small town. But can anybody be prepared for whats next?
Science Fiction, New Jersey, USA

Science Fiction,

Cajun Justice
Written by Mike Briock
Eight escaped convicts flee into the Louisiana Bayou... They choose the wrong victims.
California, USA

Written by Peter O'Brien
A distressed woman gets caught in her own murderous trap and is exploited by a deceptive psychopath while two detectives connect the dots between them.
Thriller, Nebraska, USA

Daughters of Darkness
Written by Niq Wittig
THE MONSTER SQUAD meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. A horror trivia team comprised of five women must battle their demons, both figurative and literal, when they discover that monsters are real and hell-bent on world domination.
Horror, USA

Dead Bloodline
Written by Gregory Wolk
Believing a semester in Spain would help her and her two children heal after a messy divorce, a sexy, American anthropologist and her female teaching assistant instead enter ground zero of a Zombie uprising brewing since the dawn of mankind where they must battle to save the students and children from Neanderthal Zombies. Dead Bloodline explores the mysterious disappearance of the bloodline of the Neanderthals.
Horror, Illinois, USA

Hell on Neptune
Written by Robert J. Rogers
An Army brat discovers who he is, and a weapon anyone would kill to get. That a ray gun!
Science Fiction, South Carolina, USA

Hell's Playground
Written by Gregory Wolk
After his warnings of impending biblical Armageddon go unheeded and result in a Zombie apocalypse, a boy who believes he was chosen by Jesus sacrifices everything to save his loved ones from an everlasting walking death, as Jesus did to bring salvation to mankind.
Horror, Illinois, USA

Written by Mike Briock
Malicious alien DNA seriously runs amok in a small isolated town with horrific results as it infects flora, fauna, humans, and anything with a trace of DNA. Not even the long dead are immune.
Science Fiction, California, USA

Written by Sydney Lloyd Smith
On a Costa Rican eco-vacation gone wrong, two young couples (mid-20's) are beset upon by a colony of Howler Monkeys, when the thoughtless action of a narcissistic member of their group provokes the Howlers to seek revenge.
Thriller, New York, USA

Killer Be Killed
Written by F. Aaron Franklin
There are no innocent victims when a band of ill-assorted pleasure killers cross paths with a pair of reclusive military icons.
Horror, Illinois, USA

Let It Bleed
Written by Scott Selden
Callous attorney Johanna Palmer embarks to an isolated town where a grisly encounter with a client threatens both her life and sanity. As a Lovecraftian menace and monsters emerge, how will she meet her end?
Horror, Virginia, USA

Love Dies

Written by Veronica Kegel-Giglio
Love Dies.
Dark Drama, Pennsylvania, USA

Love in the Time of Zombies
Written by D.P. Swanson
Love finds a way in the most unlikely of circumstances, as match-makers Roger and Beth discover romance right under their noses, and zombies Dave and Linda provide a glimmer of hope 5 years after a zombie apocalypse.
Horror, Tasmania, Australia

Moonlit Road
Written by Diana Woody
Based on Ambrose Bierce's The Moon Lit Road. When James and Alice Hertman move into James' childhood home, they are haunted by James' mother, Julia, who was murdered there 15 years earlier. Alice hires a medium to rid the house of the spirit but ends up finding out the awful truth about the murder and James' parents.
Horror, California, USA

Written by Michael Panek
Their homes destroyed, their land gone, and shipwrecked on a strange new world, survivors call Earth home.
Horror, USA

Possessed by a Shadow
Written by Ron Williams
When a young woman inwittingly missuses the magic of an obedient supernatural entity to obtain love and fortune, the entity is corrupted and becomes a dangerous "thoughtform", a nocturnal phantom bent on her destruction.
Horror, California, USA

Written by Frank Mario Quaglia, David Evan Watson
A man with extrasensory abilities, hounded by nightmarish premonitions and a pit bull of a detective, struggles to prevent ghastly murders.
Thriller, Massachusetts, USA

Rat Trap
Written by D.P. Swanson
An award winning short horror/comedy about suspicious noises in the attic. Rats in the attic? You wish!
Horror, Tasmania, Australia

Serial School
Written by Paul J.J. Pasto
A sadistic school for serial killers who's "students" terrify New York.
Horror, New York, USA

The Dead S.I.T.E.
Written by Gregory Wolk
After his warnings of impending biblical Armageddon go unheeded and result in a Zombie apocalypse, a boy who believes he was chosen by Jesus sacrifices everything to save his loved ones from an everlasting walking death, as Jesus did to bring salvation to mankind.
Horror, Illinois, USA

The Finicky Cat
Written by Garin Pirnia
John and Mary adopt a cute cat named Mittens, but they later find out it has a hankering for human brains. The couple must succumb to the cat's insatiable hunger--or else. It's loosely based on a true story.
Horror, USA

The Human Zombie
Written by Jermaine Battle
The Human Zombie.
Horror, Missouri, USA

The New Dark Ages
Written by Gregory P. Wolk
In a grim future America where energy reserves have been completely depleted, Danielle sets out on a quest from L.A. to Washington, D.C., hoping to find a source of electricity to save the life of her gravely ill father.
Action Adventure, USA

The Tunnels
Written by John Eric Muzii
The Tunnels.
Horror, Pennsylvania, USA

Written by Stuart Creque
Michel Dumont used a wax voodoo doll to double-cross his Vodoun mentor, M. LeBrun, so he could sell his own services to the corrupt M. Toussaint. But neither Dumont nor Toussaint understood just how powerful a priest LeBrun was.
Horror, California, USA