Season 13 - 2018  

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Terror Film Festival 2006-2013  The official TFF 2013 Festival Trailer!
Princess Horror Go Boom!  The official TFF 2013 Festival Promo!

DOLLFACE  The official TFF 2012 Festival Trailer!
Merry Christmas 2 U  A special holiday greeting to you from E2 Angels!
Welcome to TFF  Princess Horror gives you the skinny on everything TFF!

Rules of the Macabre  The official TFF 2011 Festival Trailer!
TFF 2011 Television Commercial  The official TFF 2011 TV spot!

Terror In The 5th Dimension  The official TFF 2010 Festival Trailer!

Terror In The Woods  The official TFF 2009 Festival Trailer!
Monsters  Music video with Princess Horror singing!

Terror On The Train  The official TFF 2008 Festival Trailer!
My Name Is Bruce  A smorgasbord of Bruce Campbell fans!

A Horror Fable  The official TFF 2007 Festival Trailer!
Trailer Park of Terror  The official movie trailer from Summit Entertainment

Night of the Living Film Festival  The official TFF 2006 Festival Trailer!
Heroes & Friends  Some of our heroes and friends!

Celebrity Lane

Sid Haig talks horror and "The Devil's Rejects"
Sid Haig talks fans and film

Leo Rossi on his role in "Halloween 2"
Leo Rossi talks about the indie spirit of filmmaking
Leo Rossi on his role in "Maniac Cop 2"

Michael Berryman talks show biz, "The Hills Have Eyes" & "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"
Michael Berryman talks humanity
Michael Berryman Princess Horror and Michael Berryman FALL IN LOVE!!
Michael Berryman talks horror films
Michael Berryman on how he chooses a film role
Michael Berryman on allegories
Michael Berryman about Berryman

Princess Horror Sexy Horror Icon!
Princess Horror The fans LOVE this SEXY Horror Icon!
Princess Horror discusses Terror Film Festival
Princess Horror comes to Earth
Princess Horror discusses filmmaking and filmmakers

George A. Romero The Master of Zombies and acclaimed director talks filmmaking

Alan Howarth The Two-Time Academy Award Winner and Hollywood legend receives the first ever Lifetime Achievement Claw Award

Scott Currie talks film success, 13th Child, and reflects on TFF

Richard Dutcher talks moviemaking and his film "Evil Angel"

Terror Film Festival 2013

Blue Skies  Screenwriter Gabriel Brandis discusses his award winning screenplay
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas  Director Dave Campfield discusses his third installment in the Caesar and Otto feature film series
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas  Screenwriter Joe Randazzo discusses his role in the Caesar and Otto series
Debeaked  Actor Petey Hixson discusses how the film came into existence
Fallout Chronicles, Chapter 2  Director John T. Fisher discusses the concept behind his epic series
Kingdom of Shadows  Director Kevin Corcoran discusses his latest film
Kingdom of Shadows  Producer Jeanne Benzel discusses her love of the classic film style
My Zombie Love  Screenwriter Veronica Kegel-Giglio discusses the creation of her screenplay
Tea Time  Actor Gabriel Brandis discusses his role in the film
Tea Time  Director Veronica Kegel-Giglio discusses her debut as a film director
Ready or Not  Director John Scar discusses his latest filmmaking effort
The Visitant  Director Jon Binkowski discusses his second feature length film
Andrew Wertz  Screenwriter Andrew Wertz discusses his views on the craft

Terror Film Festival 2012

Devilution  Director Zane Hershberger, Producer Erik Daniele and Editor Dakota Corwin discuss their film and its origins
Electro-Cute!  Director Taryn Hough explains how her fantasy film came to be
Fallout Chronicles  Director John T. Fisher discusses his sci-fi film
Garden of Hedon  Director Kevin Kangas, Producer Luke Theriault, and actors John C. Bailey, Richard Cutting and Manuel Poblete discuss the making of GOH
I Can Smoke?  Director Tony Ducret and actor Scott Casper discuss the filmmaking process
Just Like You...  Director Thomas Norman and actor Randy Memoli discuss the finer points of the horror film psyche
Monster Ed  Screenwriter and novelist Veronica Kegel-Giglio discusses the entertainment industry landscape
So Hideous, My Love  Filmmaker Domenic Migliore explains the inspiration for his latest film
Something Just  Director Scott W. Perry delves into the thoughts behind creating a horror film
The Evil's Gate  Filmmaker Edgar Jimz provides insight into his approach to filmmaking
The Faithless  Director Patrick Fulmer, Producer Kevin Gushue, Actor Carlos Tello and Actor Alexandra Schroeder discuss the participation factor of their new film
The Tell-Tale Heart: Tales of Poe  Director Bart Mastronardi explains his love of films and filmmaking
The Trail  Screenwriters Cornelius Broderick and Melvin Bland discuss their efforts in writing their screenplay
Upstairs  Producer Emily Gallagher and Director Austin Elston reflect on their influences and preferences in the world of movies
Wade Trailer  Producer Haynze Whitmore and Mike Juillet converse on the logistics of creating their cult horror film
Wendy Wygant  The super-hot actress discusses her role in the movie, "Devilution"

Terror Film Festival 2011

Kevin Corcoran  The producer discusses his role in the film THE SHIFT
Joe Randazzo  Co-writer of the screenplay THE RESURRECTION OF BLAKE HOUSE
Melissa Ray  Producer of the film PREDATOR/PREY
Kent Kitzman  The filmmaker discusses the film PREDATOR/PREY
Carlo Rodriguez  The Austin filmmaker discusses his film PSYCHO KILLER BLOODBATH
Jorge Rivera  Co-screenwriter of the award winning film ODESSA
James Peoples  Co-screenwriter of the award winning film ODESSA
Joshua Ormand  The actor discusses the film THE FIELDS
Steven Gladstone  Co-writer of the screenplay THE RESURRECTION OF BLAKE HOUSE
Joshua Andersen  Executive Producer of the film AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER
Norman Macera  The Actor/Filmmaker discusses his film CLUTTER
Deirdre Patterson  The writer discusses her screenplay AUNTIE
Veronica Kegel-Giglio  The Screenwriter/Novelist discusses her screenplay THE VAMPIRE'S TOY

Terror Film Festival 2010

Raine Brown  The actress discusses her role in the film HYPOCHONDRIAC
Carl Caprino  The award winning filmmaker of THE BLACK CAT
Kevin Corcoran  The award winning filmmaker of JACOB AND DEATH
Cesar Cruz  The filmmaker of DARK PASSAGES
Cesar Cruz  The veteran filmmaker discusses horror
Anthony Ducret  The award winning filmmaker of JACKPOT!
Alain Furcajg  The French filmmaker of DANIEL
Taryn Hough  The award winning filmmaker of UNIT 30
Alan Rowe Kelly  The legendary award winning actor and filmmaker discusses VINDICATION, HYPOCHONDRIAC & BY HER HAND, SHE DRAWS YOU DOWN
Bart Mastronardi  The award winning filmmaker of VINDICATION
Jerry Murdock & Zoe Daelman Chlanda  The actor and actress discuss their views on movies
Marla Newborn  The writer/journalist from Fangoria Magazine speaks her mind!
Thomas Norman  The savvy award winning filmmaker of GITCHY
Gregory Orr  The infamous award winning filmmaker of RECREATOR
Ed Torres  The award winning filmmaker of WALK AWAY
Jonathan Weichsel  The award winning screenwriter of WHEREVER THERE IS GOLD, HELL IS NEARBY

Terror Film Festival 2009

Alec Asten  The award winning filmmaker discusses his film THE CURSE OF MICAH ROOD
Jon Binkowski  The award winning filmmaker discusses his film SCARE ZONE
Blake Houston  The award winning filmmaker discusses his film TWO MILES BELOW THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH
Mike Turner  The award winning filmmaker of DEAD CREEK
Haynze Whitmore  The award winning filmmaker discusses his film WADE

Terror Film Festival 2008

A TWO-Fer! Interview with celebrated Aussie filmmaker Victoria Waghorn & award winning screenwriter Ron Podell
Ron Albury The award winning screenwriter of ENEMY COMBATANT
Mitch Csanadi The award winning filmmaker of NOTHING FACE
Gary Gustin The popular and much sought after indie film actor
Sean Huet & Aaron Granlund The award winning screenwriters of TRUCKERS VS BIKERS
Ben Jurin The incredible filmmaker of EVEN
Brian Lonano The award winning filmmaker behind ATTACKAZOIDS!
Norman Macera The reclusive filmmaker and partner in Willie Nelson's production company LUCK FILMS
Sergio Pinheiro The award winning filmmaker of THE PROCEDURE
Sergio Pinheiro The award winning filmmaker discusses the industry from an LA perspective
John Riddlebaugh The eclectic screenwriter of THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE
Tony Swansey & Dennis Doornbos The award winning filmmakers of SQUEAL

Terror Film Festival 2007

Vincent Belancio The amazing filmmaker of A WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN'S PRISON
Matt Boatright-Simon The award winning filmmaker of TIL NIGHT
Thomas Connors The award winning filmmaker of MOMMY DEADEST
Mike D'Anna The award winning filmmaker of SIDE SHO
C. Mark DeGaetani The prolific filmmaker/screenwriter of THE DOLLHOUSE
John Faust The award winning filmmaker of BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Alex Johnson & Collin Armstrong The award winning filmmakers of RED HARVEST
Ernie Rockelman The award winning filmmaker of DEAD TIRED
Arun Vaidyanathan The award winning filmmaker of ONE SOUL